Editor’s spotlight: tech apprenticeships, connection at work, what we can learn from Formula 1 and more

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What great content have you missed from TJ? This video highlights what you mustn’t miss

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Key points include:

  1. Tech Apprenticeships: An article by James McLaughlin explores the digital skills gap and how apprenticeships can improve workforce diversity and productivity.

  2. Performance Lessons: John McLachlan examines performance in football and Formula 1, emphasising the importance of timing and rhythm in different organisations.

  3. UK Workforce Productivity: Various articles address workforce productivity, including a blog discussing the uniqueness of the people profession within organizations.

  4. Workplace Loneliness: An article explores the issue of loneliness at work, considering generational aspects and potential solutions.

  5. Weekly News Flash: The weekly update covers a range of topics such as annoying colleagues, digital crises, menopausal policies, music at work, and investment in veterans.

  6. Believing in Your Team: An article discusses the importance of leadership, focus, emotional and cultural intelligence, and replacing habitual behaviours with agility and quick decision-making.

  7. Additional Resources: The platform offers a variety of articles, opinions, podcasts, and other topics for further exploration.

Articles included in this video:

Performance lessons for organisations from football, tennis and F1

UK workforce productivity stagnates as adult training declines

Editors blog: Is the people profession unique in the organisation?

Fostering connection: The antidote to workplace loneliness

TJ Newsflash: 26 June – annoying colleagues, digital crisis, music, veterans and more!

Unlocking potential: The power of believing in your team

Tech apprenticeships: A solution to the digital divide

10 ways understanding the brain helps us in business