TJ Newsflash: 15 November

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Can L&D keep up with demand of upskilling the workforce?

A new report, Generative AI in 2024: A potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence, details the findings of the independent survey of 400 HR and business leaders from across the US and UK. It shows that while upskilling and retention top the list of priorities for HR and business leaders, three out of four (76%) say they struggle to develop training courses with current resources. A further 65% say that while upskilling employees is essential to plugging skills gaps, they don’t have the time to develop relevant courses.

As the demand for upskilling increases the pressure on HR and business leaders to quickly deliver more courses, organisations are looking at how generative AI can boost the effectiveness of training. However, the research from CYPHER shows barriers remain, which are preventing some organisations from taking advantage of the technology. Key findings include:

  • 86% of HR and business leaders said either they or their team members use generative AI in their roles
  • 44% express concerns around the data security and accuracy of AI-generated outputs – while over half (52%) worry about AI potentially taking their jobs
  • 69% say that AI could simplify their roles, but they lack the knowledge to maximise its potential, while over half (57%) admit uncertainty around how AI could benefit their roles.

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People pay attention better today than 30 years ago

A rise in IQs in recent decades is mirrored by a trend showing an increase in adults’ ability to concentrate.

The research group that conducted the meta-analysis study, led by Denise Andrzejewski of the University of Vienna, sees this observation as initial evidence that attention is also subject to the Flynn effect, a phenomenon in which the population’s mean IQ, or intelligence quotient – as measured through standardised testing – rose from generation to generation.

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The top 10 military skills that transfer to civilian work

It’s no secret that a career in the military equips individuals with a wealth of experiences and valuable skills. Military skills are highly valuable as they equip service members with a range of interpersonal and technical skills.

The top ten includes:

  1. Leadership
  2. Teamwork
  3. Dedication
  4. Communication
  5. Problem solving.

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Is AI going the same way as crypto currency?

A sentiment analysis of the discussions about both crypto and AI on Hacker News was undertaken, using ChatGPT as part of the problem solving.

The key finding was that while sentiment towards AI has always been higher than sentiment towards crypto, AI sentiment steadily dropped from 2010-2018 and has been hovering around neutral for the last five years.

Read more about the process of this analysis.

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