User-generated content to be a key trend in corporate e-learning

According to learning management system (LMS) producer, Create eLearning, user-generated content will be one of this year’s key trends in corporate e-learning.

Create eLearning claims that there are now new ways of utilising user-generated content (UGC), which includes skilled employees documenting their knowledge so others can use this at their own pace for learning, problem-solving and performance enhancement.

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User-generated content to be a key trend in corporate e-learning 

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Mark Taggart, Create eLearning’s CEO, said: “Studies show that millennials – that is, those born between around 1980 and 2000 – trust UGC 50 percent more than any other media. Examples of UGC in the wider world include Wikipedia and YouTube.”

In a related whitepaper, Create eLearning names UGC as one of six tools and techniques that will shape the future of the corporate e-learning industry over the next eight months. These tools and techniques are:

  • UGC
  • Gamification
  • Big data and improved analytic tools
  • Cloud computing
  • The integration of social media into e-learning systems
  • Augmented reality

“Since millennials are the leading economic force in terms of purchasing power – currently estimated at $1.3tr on consumer purchases, they, and therefore, UGC, will dictate the course of things in 2016.

“With the rising popularity of UGC, we believe that content creation tools such as Moovly, Slideshare and Prezi will become even more significant,” he added. “These easy-to-use tools allow people to create fun, interactive, insightful content for an affordable price.

“Most e-learning platforms – including Create eLearning’s – support all the formats offered by those tools. Not only is UGC easier to trust and understand, but it also gives people a chance to learn directly from others’ shared experiences.

“This is going to be a huge leap for corporate e-learning industry towards more fun, interactive and compelling learning in 2016,” said Taggart.


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