Skills Funding Agency launches apprenticeships resource pack

A new apprenticeships resource pack has been released as individuals, businesses and organisations get ready to celebrate the benefits of on-the-job training.

The pack has been put together in the run-up to National Apprenticeship Week, which will see hundreds of special events taking place throughout England between March 14 and 18.

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Aimed at helping businesses and organisations to promote the activities that they will be running during the week, the pack is available from the Skills Funding Agency.

Among the materials on offer is a list of key facts that can be used by employers and trainees to find out more information about vocational training schemes.

Apprenticeships provide a great opportunity to learn the vital skills needed for work in sectors such as construction on the job while also earning a wage.

In the academic year from 2014 to 2015, around 871,800 funded people in England participated in an apprenticeship – the highest total ever seen.

National Apprenticeship Week will this year be running under the theme of “an apprenticeship can take you anywhere.”

There will be a particular focus on how vocational training can help workers learn the higher skills needed to get to the very top of their chosen field.

A further area of interest will be traineeships, which can help to prepare young people for an apprenticeship by giving them the chance to complete work experience and essential training.

Hundreds of events are set to be held next week across England, including careers fairs, open evenings and recruitment shows, all geared towards celebrating apprenticeships.

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