New smartphone app provides one-to-one tutoring for students

A new app has been created to offer expert one-to-one support 24/7 to all GCSE and A-level students with a smartphone

Gojimo today introduced Gojimo Tutor, providing a service allows students to instantly connect with an anonymous tutor over instant messaging for tailored support at any time of the day or night.

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George Burgess, the founder of Gojimo, said: “Today’s students are mobile-first in all communications, and they have made it clear that their preference is to learn through the medium they are most familiar with. 

“Ofcom research shows that 94 per cent of communication for millennials is text based, so our service offers tutoring and support to students on demand through instant messaging. Education is only beginning its mobile revolution, and Gojimo Tutor allows us to remain at the forefront of this.”

Gojimo Tutor builds on Gojimo’s success to offer a unique approach to students preparing for exams by giving them direct access to subject specialists. The app is available for iOS and Android, and offers an easy-to-use interface and support for students in maths, biology, physics and chemistry.

Zoe Stones, Strategy and Operations Manager at Gojimo: “Millennials are more independently-minded than previous generations, and many are not satisfied with outdated methods of preparing for exams.

“Gojimo Tutor puts the power in the hands of the student and promotes self-directed learning on their own terms. Every student faces the same exams in school, but not everyone benefits from the existing education structures, and Gojimo Tutor addresses this.”

Students can use the app to pose questions to tutors via instant messaging. They can send images of graphs and diagrams through its attachment feature, allowing for technical help with all aspects of the curriculum. 

Users are also given the opportunity to sign up to get ten minutes free tutoring and can then go on to take out a subscription or pay as you go payment plan. The app compliments Gojimo, the free revision app used by one in five GCSE students, that offers over 160,000 practice questions on all popular subjects. 


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