London most skilled city in the world

London is the most talented city in the world with more highly-skillled people than any other city, finds a survey. 

The research conducted by business advisory firm Deloitte shows ​the number of high skilled employees in London increased by 16 per cent rise in high skilled workers in the past three years. 
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Regina Moran, CEO of Fujitsu UK & Ireland, said: “The findings from Deloitte that London is the most skilled city in the world is great news for companies with a presence in the capital.
“I believe that London has a highly diverse body of great talent, which is vital for companies to be creative and succeed.”
The number of high skilled employees in the capital rose by 235,000 since 2013 to 1.7 million and is now “in a league of its own” as it managed to once again outpace main rival New York, and has costs double that of Sydney, LA and Chicago.
“The long term success of any organisation, particularly in fast-moving fields like technology, depends on both access to highly skilled individuals and a diverse workforce who can bring in fresh perspectives, ideas and values”, Moran said. “When everyone comes from the same background businesses can become stilted, in the same way that a mixture of complementary skills are needed to produce interesting results.
“On top of that, a lack of diversity can stunt a business’ ability to communicate effectively with its broad range of clients and customers. The mixture of skills and backgrounds in London provides the perfect environment for technology companies and is part of the reason that the UK is one of leaders in tech,” added Moran. 

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