Create eLearning unveils its unconventional LMS at Learning Technologies

A new-generation learning management system (LMS) is one of the key products on display at the Learning Technologies event, taking place in London’s Olympia on 3rd and 4th February 2016. 

The LMS, from Glasgow-based Create eLearning, is a hybrid platform that caters for coaching, mentoring, online and face-to-face training and learning. 

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Users can configure it to deliver learning materials anywhere in the world, in any language and on any delivery device.

Create eLearning’s managing director, Mark Taggart, explained: “During a 20 year career in the clinical trials industry, I needed to train people around the world in a variety of languages and I had to buy LMSs. From a technological perspective, the whole process was frustrating, painful and costly.

“That had to change. So I built this company to provide an LMS that needs no coding, only configuring, and has been designed with the needs of the global organisation in mind.”

Create eLearning will be presenting a seminar in an exhibition hall theatre at 3.30pm on 3rd February. The seminar explains the virtues of the video selfie as a training and learning delivery mechanism.

Only released onto the market in January 2015, the platform adheres to a volumetric pricing structure, costing users between £1 per user per year and £36 per user per year. It already has a number of customers, including the Sepsis Trust, which uses the LMS to train nurses, the Metropolitan Police, and SageNet in the USA.

Taggart continued: “SageNet operates a massive security network in the USA. It needs an offline, off-grid ultra-secure learning delivery and monitoring system, which Create eLearning supplies.

“We feel that the principal purpose of an LMS is to increase profit, improve efficiency and help users delight their clients. Increased profits, efficiency and delighting clients are achieved by making sure that teams know what they’re doing, understand and buy-in to the goals and objectives, and are engaged and highly motivated.

“Our mission has been to create an LMS that makes it easy for users to understand all the skills and competencies within their business and spot the gaps. It also allows users to build classes quickly and efficiently and use over-and-over.

“Track all training, coaching and mentoring actives and investments in one place; report on progress, link back to profit, customer satisfaction and efficiency, as well as make it easy for the best practices happening within their business to be more widely circulated.”

“We see Create eLearning as the jet-pack and wings that’ll help our customers’ performance to sky rocket,” he said.

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