Bring back night school with Part Time Learning Voucher, says Liberal Democrat Lorely Burt

Liberal Democrats Business spokesperson, Lorely Burt has called for a rebirth of adult education in England.

She called for the creation of a new ‘Part Time Learning Voucher’ of up to £400 for low income workers who take on and complete additional evening education to help them improve their skills and take the next step in their career.

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Liberal Democrats Business Spokesperson Lorely Burt said: “For past generations, the night school was the driver of social mobility in this country.  At a time when technology is putting people’s skills out of data quicker than ever before we need a rebirth of this kind of part time education, balanced around people’s working lives.

“Our Part Time Learning Voucher would help people wanting to improve their skills and take the next step on the career ladder overcome the financial barriers to taking on this type of additional education.

“The idea that the skills someone learns at 18 are going to last them a lifetime is no longer realistic.  Just as we need to invest money in our infrastructure if we want our economy to succeed we also need to invest our workforce, throughout their working lives.”

The voucher will be available to support workers with the cost of the course, or with other barriers to participation.

It would be available to anyone earning less than £20,000 a year who has been in full time employment for at least three years.

The policy sits alongside a call for a return of night school-style part time education to help workers adapt to rapidly changing technology and ensure businesses get the skills they need.


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