Brightwave Group and CIM partner to transform continuing professional development

Brightwave’s partnership with The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has transformed continuing professional development (CPD) for the global membership of marketing professionals. 

CIM is the market-leader for continuing professional development for marketing professionals, and more than 15,000 are enrolled on its CPD programme globally. 
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Caroline Walmsley, Managing Director at Brightwave Group said:”Our partnership with CIM is a significant milestone for Brightwave and tessello. Through our work with CIM and other global membership organisations, we are leading the way in what we see as a major shift for the CPD/CPE industry. 
“Traditional LMSs are ill-equipped to serve the needs of ongoing professional development – both from a learner and organisational point of view. A truly next generation LMS, tessello allows informal and social learning to be captured and accredited and personalised learning pathways deliver a professional development journey that is yet to be seen in the market. 
CIM is leading the way with their innovative, diagnostic-led approach which provides an exciting personalised CPD journey towards achieving and maintaining Chartered Marketer status for their members. We are delighted to have been selected as their partner for this exciting journey which is set to be a game-changer for ongoing professional development in the UK and beyond.” 
The platform ensures the smoother implementation of continuing professional development and integration with its membership data, but to deliver an unrivalled experience for marketing professionals that truly reflects how they learn and develop in their careers. 
While the existing CPD programme, while highly regarded and rigorous, did not reflect CIM’s customer-centric values, members increasingly demand an excellent online experience and want to feel in control of their own development.
The fast-changing, wide-ranging skills marketing professionals require are developed not only through formal training but as a result of practise, experimentation and collaboration with fellow marketers. 
Powered by Brightwave’s collaborative learning system tessello, the new CPD programme supports how CIM’s members learn and allows both formal and informal activity to contribute to their CPD record. Crucially, members take ownership of their CPD and build a continuous record of their learning that is submitted annually as evidence of their development.  
Diagnostic-led personalised learning 
In addition to the CPD portal, the solution incorporates a skills analysis tool that provides a crucial extra step in the CPD journey. Rather than presenting members with a generic group of accredited activities, members’ existing capabilities drive the learning they undertake. This diagnostic-driven approach sees the launch of a new diagnostic capability for tessello. 
Members enrolled on the CPD programme take an interactive diagnostic at the start of each year of their membership. Based on CIM’s Professional Marketing Standards, the tool analyses the current capability of the member, enabling them to make an informed choice on how to focus their learning and development time. 
In addition to the custom features and skills analysis tool tailored for CIM, the CPD portal includes the full suite of existing tessello functionality including a dedicated news feed, a search facility, profile management, and a directory of resource tiles.
Chris Daly, CEO at CIM said: “At the core of our brand identity is our vision for marketing to be recognised for playing a pivotal role in business, with professional marketers delivering insights, strategy and growth to organisations of all shapes and sizes.
“When we first began our search for a learning tool we knew that it needed to support this aim of harnessing shared learning, but also support the scale of our ambition for a transformed CPD provision at CIM
“We established that there was no single platform on the market that could meet our aims until we saw tessello. Combined with a bespoke diagnostic tool, we have in tessello a platform that not only improves the efficiency and delivery of CPD, but provides members with a personalised journey through their professional development.”


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