Aartic Training Group launches new course to help the unemployed

A South Wales based company that helps ex-servicemen and women and the long-term unemployed has created a new course to address the skills gap.


Aartic Training Group, a company that was set up by brothers and ex-army officers Antony and Adrian Rabey, will deliver the Positive Direction programme in collaboration with The Job Centre, JobCentre Plus and Communities First.

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Antony Rabey, director of Aartic Training Group, said: “We are really pleased to be launching this new course and increase our training offering as a company. This course is more than just giving people new skills to help them find work.

“The Positive Direction course has been specifically designed to not only improve students’ skills in core areas of personal and professional development, but also to give them the guidance and support they need to take the next step after training and meet with potential employers.

“This is not about getting people into any job, but the right job for them according to their skill set, which can help secure a long term career. This therefore benefits the employee, the employer and productivity overall.  

The pilot scheme launching this February is being offered free of charge to those registered with The Job Centre or JobCentre Plus. It comes in response to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, showing that UK unemployment figures have fallen to 5.2 per cent – the lowest in nearly 10 years.

The Employer Skills Survey (ESS) 2013, which interviewed over 90,000 employers, found that members of employers’ existing workforces were not “fully proficient” in their current roles. In addition, 15 per cent of respondents stated they had employees with skill gaps, which is equivalent to 1.4 million employees or 5 per cent of the workforce.

This show a clear disparity between the skills people possess and the requirements of the jobs they occupy, which can lead to an obstacle to long term job security.

The Positive Direction course aims to assist people with finding the right career path using their previous skills and interests. This will lead to a guaranteed interview with a company in their prospective industry and the potential for long term success in their chosen profession.

Aartic Training Group’s Positive Direction course will provide learners with Level 2 award qualifications in customer service, dealing with difficult people and employability skills. Following completion of the course, the company will arrange taster days for learners, so they can speak with employers and those working in a prospective industry to build relationships and put their new skills into practice within a working environment.

 “We understand it can be very difficult for those looking for a job to get their foot in the door with companies within the field they want to work it, especially as many have lost confidence as a result of being out of work. Our connections in addition to the benefits students can gain from this new program can provide a full service and increase the likelihood of the unemployed securing a long term job in the field they actually want to be working in.”

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