Week of webinars starts with what is the state of the L&D Industry?

What is the current state of the L&D industry in the middle of 2016? Join our launch webinar to discuss with Donald H Taylor, Sunder Ramachandran and Beverley Aylott.

At TJ we are very excited about the launch of our new webinar series. We are starting with a big discussion about what the state of L&D is, followed by a webinar every day of next week! Register by clicking here.


We are nearing the half way mark of the year – when we look back to New Years’ resolutions and predictions of what 2016 might have in store for us, it will be interesting to see if any of that has come to fruition.

You can read some of those predictions and discussions on TJ articles:


The TJ webinars are not going to be experts delivering slide after slide of information – we want this to be a discussion with amongst passionate professionals, and that includes whomever is attending the live online event.

We will have three amazing people with us, on webcam, for our 60 minute session.

Passionate professionals

You probably all know Donald H Taylor, a knowledgeable name in the L&D industry for some years and widely respected for his broad experience and opinions on learning and development.

From Mumbai in India we will be joined by Sunder Ramachandran, Head of Training for Pfizer. Sunder is eloquent about all things learning.

We also have Beverley Aylott, Head of Learning at AbbVie. Beverley has a background in organisational behaviour and enjoys discussions around being fulfilled at work.


You can watch the video below of Beverley Aylott, at the CIPD L&D conference, talking about leaders and the role of L&D to create the right environment at work.

Beverly also comments on the state of our industry and about scientific evidence to support what L&D do.



State of L&D

Is learning and development in a right old state and needs sorting out? There are some that argue there isn’t enough focus in our industry on business understanding, on working with aligning to business goals in order to make a real impact on the bottom line.

There are pockets of L&D where talk of learning styles and other practices without robust backgrounds are still rife.

What about new trends and technology – are we behind the times in picking up on some technologies that can enhance our offerings and support learners at work?

Is the Learning Management System dead? Is technology over rated and we should go back to basics?

What do you want to ask?

There are all sorts of places our discussion could take us, and that’s what we’d like you to do.

Register for any or all of our webinars on the week of 23rd May 2016 that you find interesting or where the conversation might be beneficial to you.

They all start at 10am UK time. If you would like to come along from 9.45am to get your microphone connected and tested, that would be great – we really do want your voice in the session, not just that of people on the webcam!

Get your talking points ready, join in the conversation with #TJwow if you want, and see you next week!


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