MPs support increased access for training providers into schools

A cross-party committee of MPs has expressed support for a government promise to introduce legislation which will require schools to allow training providers to talk to pupils about apprenticeships and traineeships.

Training providers will raise awareness among pupils about apprenticeships and traineeships. Credit: Fotolia

The Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy in the House of Commons has today published a report on careers advice in schools after conducting an inquiry earlier this year. AELP policy director Paul Warner was among those who gave oral evidence to MPs.

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The Committee’s recommendations include a unified careers service for all ages under the auspices of one government department. The MPs also support the skills minister’s suggestion that a school should have its Ofsted rating downgraded if it fails to comply with its statutory duties on providing independent and impartial advice.

Commenting on the MPs’ findings, AELP CEO Mark Dawe said: “A survey of apprentices has just shown that only 15 per cent of them found out about apprenticeships from a teacher or careers advisor, so nothing much has changed for the better since the select committee last reported on this matter three years ago.

“We are pleased that the MPs support the government’s promised legislation which will mandate schools to work with training providers to raise awareness among pupils about apprenticeships and traineeships. It is almost five years since schools were required by law to start offering impartial advice and perhaps the adoption of the Committee’s recommendation on non-compliers possibly losing an Ofsted grade is now needed.

“AELP agrees with the Committee that the government should start moving towards an all-age careers service that sits under a single department.

“For it to have a full impact though, the unified service must be ready to work with education institutions and providers of all types as this will help maximise the number of available links to local employers as well as opening more doors to vocational learning opportunities.”


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