Smartphone app aims to boost employee engagement and wellbeing

Digital experts, WorkAngel has partnered with global human capital technology company Ceridian to create an industry-first mobile employee engagement and wellness smartphone app.

The platform, scheduled for launch early next year, will help to improve productivity, enhance engagement, change company dynamics and influence a positive cultural change from one place.

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Jamie True, Founder and CEO of WorkAngel, said: “Forward-thinking companies understand the commercial benefits of adopting a human-first approach to human resources. With active disengagement estimated to cost the US $450-550 billion per year and poor communication of benefits estimated to cost UK businesses £2.7billion per year, the importance of employee engagement should be the core DNA to success.

“This agreement signifies the shared vision of WorkAngel and Ceridian to deliver innovation that will empower companies to drive employee engagement and wellness to new levels and reap the associated rewards.

Employees will have access to a range of services, including: Gamified financial rewards and social recognition, corporate discounts, mental, social and physical resources and financial health including access to counsellors and life coaches, and corporate social network and intranet capability

“By adopting a human-first approach to human resources and implementing leading technology, companies can directly combat the negative associations of active disengagement. The importance of employee engagement should be the core DNA to success,” added True. 


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