Qube set to change how we handle information

Qube, a new start-up company is set to revolutionise how we handle information by introducing an application that combines file finding, storing, sending and sharing.

Launched on Kickstarter on the 22nd September, the business aims to challenge Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, Slack and OneDrive by streamlining how people connect with others and businesses.  

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Hardy Schuerhoff, CEO at Qube said that today’s possibilities were hopelessly out of date and promised on average to save us 3 years in a lifetime.”

He said: “Do you believe that in five years’ time we’ll still need to store documents ourselves or that we’ll still need to find and send files? Well, we don’t! They just don’t serve our needs anymore.”

Qube works by creating a personal (or business) environment, which you can simply give others access to (parts of) that environment. The software, which requires no password comes with a pre-designed structure for households or businesses. Through your own Qube you will gain access to or parts of others, which is always up-to-date. This prevents people from having to log in anywhere else again, which saves a lot of time.

Although the software is already in development, Schuerhoff needs additional funds to complete his product.

“We think that using Kickstarter is a good way to reach our target market and at the same time involve people in what we are doing. We strongly believe that Qube will change the way in which we handle information. We hope to experience that the public agrees with us,” added Schuerhoff.




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