Insurance firms launch first diversity festival in London

A leading insurance firm will be holding a four-day festival in September to promote and create awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion in the sector and encourage people of all levels to participate.




‘Dive In’ Festival, is a joint initiative of the insurance giant Corporation of Lloyd’s, International Underwriting Association (IUA), London and International Insurance Brokers Association (LIIBA) and the Lloyds Market Association (LMA), which will cover gender, LGBT inclusion, multiculturalism and disability. 

Commenting on the news, Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s said, “The insurance industry in general, and Lloyd’s and the Lloyd’s Market in particular, cannot rest on our laurels if we want to attract the best talent, stay globally relevant and keep innovating at the speed that our clients demand.​

“That means waking up to subjects like unconscious bias which makes managers hire in their own image, risking missing out on the different perspectives and insights that come from people with different backgrounds, gender, cultures, sexuality and physical impairments.” 
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“People work better knowing that they are valued and included. If we create inclusive environments and cultures in our workplaces, more people will achieve their full potential, and that quite simply is good for business,” concluded Dominic Christian, Chair of Inclusion@Lloyd’s and CEO of Aon UK.

Talking to Gay Star Business, Erik Johnson, Assistant Vice President of Allied World – one of the companies sponsoring the event – said the festival will include a day aimed at the LGBT market.

‘We’re very supportive of Inclusion@Lloyds and all the good work they do around inclusion, particularly around trying to change perceptions of the industry to new recruits.

‘The reputation that the London insurance market has is that it’s still a white, middle-class, Oxbridge-dominated environment, and we’re quite keen to help show how the industry is changing. We’re doing our small part by sponsoring the LGBT day.’



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