TJ Newsflash: 9 April

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Latest AI podcast from Training Journal

Our most recent podcast episode finishes our deep dive into artificial intelligence, looking at the role of L&D in procurement, use and analysis. Contributors include AI specialist Trish Uhl, L&D leadership expert Cathy Hoy, performance support guru Bob Mosher and many more.

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Trends and challenges facing senior leadership teams in 2024

Aiming to answer the questions: what are the trends impacting learning and development (L&D) in 2024? What are the most in-demand skills? And how can organisations build the skills they need? For its third annual research report, ILX Group surveyed 250 business, HR and L&D senior leaders to discover the key challenges, priorities and opportunities facing their organisations when developing a flexible workforce in 2024 and beyond.

Headline insights from the report include:

  • The top priority for organisations is increasing efficiencies, improving productivity and reducing costs
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most in-demand skill within 77% of organisations
  • Skills shortages are the #1 driver for L&D demand this year

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Prolific aims to establish industry standards for human data use in AI

Prolific, the online survey platform, has launched a new Participant Wellbeing report, which has been designed to set industry standards measured by ethical human data use in AI finetuning and academic research. The report aims to highlight the importance of ‘AI tasker’ wellbeing in the face of controversies, such as prisoners being paid only $1.67 an hour to train AI and workers being exposed to detrimental content.

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UK carers leave act: a step forward, but “not enough”

The Carers Leave Act (2023) taking effect on April 6th is a positive step, recognising the critical role unpaid carers play in society. However, a new VinciWorks poll found a significant gap between the Act’s provisions and the needs of working carers.

The Carers Leave Act, which applies to all businesses and industries, offers a week of unpaid leave – a start, but one that falls short of the significant support working carers require. VinciWorks, a leading compliance eLearning and software solutions provider, surveyed over 150 HR and compliance professionals. Its findings show that 70% of respondents believe the Act doesn’t go far enough.

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What do graduates want?

Bright Network’s ninth edition of ‘What Graduates Want’, surveying the attitudes and behaviours of over 14,000 UK students and graduates, reveals the key trends in the early career job market.

  • Eight in 10 graduates would not use GenAI in the recruitment process if told not to
  • More than half of those surveyed want to work in the office four to five days a week
  • Discrepancy between what employers think are the most valued skills and students’ focus on industry experience
  • Half of those surveyed think their background has hindered their job or study applications
  • 89% worry about the effect the economic climate will have on job prospects

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Survey reveals shocking bias in the UK job market

As the economic landscape continues to evolve, CVwizard, a leading CV creation tool, unveils the findings of its comprehensive survey on the current state of the job market. The survey, of 1000 people, sheds light on key trends, challenges, and opportunities facing job seekers.

Key findings include:

  • Over half of applicants (50.73%) have encountered negative bias during the job application process
  • As a response to this bias, a significant majority (66.83%) of participants express a preference for anonymous job applications
  • The primary sources of negative bias are age (21%), race (16%), and gender (14%), with these factors ranking as the top three contributors to biased job application experiences

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Multi-platform launch at Learning Technologies

ARuVR®, will launch its ARuVR LRS (Learning Record Score) system and out-of-the-box integration and its Apple Vision Pro app at this month’s Learning Technologies exhibition. ARuVR, a multi-award winning end-to-end Extended Reality (XR) and Spatial Computing learning omni-platform, LRS solution ensures that the entire L&D (Learning and Development) ecosystem can now get granular insight to the learning journey of their workforce.

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