TJ Newsflash: 3 January

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The latest learning news and research personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

Business alignment L&D’s top priority in 2024

Key trends for 2024 in the Workplace Learning and Performance in 2024 report from World of Learning include:

• Business alignment: still a top priority for L&D (and business leaders) but still a long way to go.

• AI: big in 2023. Will be even bigger in 2024

• Skills and learning: less focus on knowledge acquisition and awareness building.

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New procurement and supply qualification available

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (‘CIPS’), the world’s largest body representing procurement and supply professionals, and education and training company Kaplan have formed an exclusive partnership to create a new CIPS OnDemand guided-study online learning course available 24/7.

Available now, CIPS OnDemand brings a guided learning environment to students by blending the rigor and structure of a tutor-led course, with the flexibility of interactive, online study.

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Major study on neurodiversity in tech sector highlights need for more inclusive and accessible workplaces

Nearly half of neurodivergent employees feel impacted by their conditions in the workplace with a quarter disclosing that they were impacted every day, a major global study carried out at Colt, Nokia, Samsung, and Vodafone has revealed.

The new research also found that for neurodivergent people, company culture, workplace environment, and systems can exacerbate their impairments in both recruitment and everyday working life. More than half of those who self-reported as neurodivergent had not disclosed their condition(s) because they did not have a formal diagnosis (55%) or did not see the value in disclosing it (53%).

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Udemy launches business site in India

Udemy, the global marketplace for learning and teaching online, announced the launch of its corporate learning solution, Udemy for Business, in India. Udemy for Business is a subscription offering that includes 3,500 of Udemy’s highest-rated business and technical courses.

“The launch of Udemy for Business in India is perfectly timed as companies across India look to ensure their employees remain competitive in the global economy,” said Irwin Anand, managing director in India. “We’ve seen tremendous growth in our consumer business in India, and the launch of our business offering ensures Indian companies can invest in upskilling their employees with the global skills needed to succeed today and in the future.”

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