TJ Newsflash: 17 January

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TJ podcast relaunch!

Did you miss the Training Journal podcast new episode last week? It marks a relaunch of our popular podcast, with a new format and focuses on L&D hopes and predictions for 2024.

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Increasing the Learning Pool digital reach

Learning Pool, the leading learning technology company, today announced its acquisition of OnScreen, a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) company that simplifies how people interact with technology. The company’s flagship product, OnScreen, will join Learning Pool’s enterprise portfolio to bring market-leading DAP functionality to its customers and support a smarter way to onboard employees.

OnScreen provides guided tutorials, contextual help, and automated workflows to ensure employees successfully adopt new digital tools and processes.

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Is your company getting in the way of volunteering?

BioLife conducted a comprehensive survey about various aspects of volunteerism and giving habits, including the frequency and quality of contributions, motivations behind volunteering, challenges faced in giving, regional trends in charitable activities, and more.

  • 54% of respondents having donated their time to a group or charitable cause already this year
  • Personal fulfilment (49%) also emerged as a compelling motive, and 45% of respondents expressed that their ethical or moral beliefs compel them to give
  • Work-related commitments (28%), lack of exposure to opportunities (20%), health or mobility issues (19%), and lack of transportation (14%) also play a role in slowing volunteer activity

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Virtual L&D conference for black L&D professionals

Next month is the online The Learning Exchange™ event by Black in L&D in partnership with Growductive Consulting – a virtual conference platforming black purpose, black presence and black success.

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Neurodivergence notification in the workplace

One in seven project managers who consider themselves to be neurodivergent have not informed their employer about their condition, according to a new survey by APM.

The survey also found that 40% have not disclosed their neurodivergence to their managers because they would feel uncomfortable doing so. Another 23% said ‘I don’t see the point in doing so’, 25% said ‘I haven’t got around to it, but I intend to’, and 12% said ‘I don’t have an official diagnosis’.

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Second season of a podcast to blow up barriers to female leadership

Are you an aspiring or established leader, tired of sanitised talk in leadership podcasts that make you feel inadequate with their discussions of unrealistic perfection? Come and join the chat with Bobby and Bridge (the 2 B’s) in their conversations on “Being…”

They are military veterans – female trailblazers who have several decades of leadership under their ever-expanding belts.   With experience between them of the military, humanitarian explosive ordnance disposal, coaching, law, HR, the menopause and a lot of wine they approach leadership in a down to earth and often irreverent way.

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