TJ Newsflash: 07 December

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The latest learning news and research compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

Develop your learning experiences with an online conference today and tomorrow

TLDC’s latest virtual conference — designed for aspiring Learning and Development Professionals seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of Talent Development.

It’s an ideal gathering for training professionals at any level, eager to expand their knowledge, learn cutting-edge strategies, and connect with industry experts.

The event promises to be a transformative experience for anyone passionate about crafting impactful learning experiences and staying ahead in their careers.

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Don’t forget seniors as part of digital skills in life-long learning

Elpida, established in 2002, has been a cornerstone for active seniors, providing a variety of educational and cultural activities. Their  latest venture, made possible solely through the support of Google, is a testament to the valuable collaboration between technological innovators and educational bodies. With Google’s support since April 2023 they are on a mission to advance media education for older adults.

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Tracing the evolution of the ‘little brain’

The evolution of higher cognitive functions in humans has so far mostly been linked to the expansion of the neocortex. Researchers are increasingly realizing, however, that the ‘little brain’ or cerebellum also expanded during evolution and probably contributes to the capacities unique to humans. A research team has now generated comprehensive genetic maps of the development of cells in the cerebella

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A new way for L&D people to find a new job

Cognota expands support for L&D Professionals with the launch of LearnOps 360™, a new go-to platform for L&D professionals seeking job opportunities. Developed by Cognota and The LearnOps Community, this platform aims to streamline the search for L&D jobs, making it easier than ever for professionals to find their next career move.

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Respond to hybrid research survey today

Be Part of ‘Engagement in the Hybrid Learning Environment’ research by InSync Training, as your experience can help enhance industry practices. Share your feedback in our 10-minute survey and get exclusive access to the study’s findings. Take the survey before it ends tomorrow on December 8, 2023.

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How can we stop those pesky misunderstandings?

Debunking, “prebunking,” nudging and teaching digital literacy are several of the more effective ways to counter misinformation, according to a new report from the American Psychological Association.

Written by a panel of U.S. and international experts on the psychology of misinformation, the report outlines the processes that make people susceptible to misinformation and offers solutions to combat it.

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Human behaviour and dopamine level changes

A new study from researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine shows that dopamine release in the human brain plays a crucial role in encoding both reward and punishment prediction errors.

This means that dopamine is involved in the process of learning from both positive and negative experiences, allowing the brain to adjust and adapt its behaviour based on the outcomes of these experiences.

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