Keep on top of this rapidly changing landscape, adjust to the future of work and help with your staff’s mental health with Learning Pool

Learning Pool has just released a Future of Work library with updated Coronavirus modules to help organizations and their staff to adjust to this new way of working.


We recently launched our Coronavirus Course Essentials library – aimed at addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic back in April. To follow this, we’ve now released a Future of Work library with updated Coronavirus modules to help organizations and their staff to adjust to this new way of working.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to change the way we work and the ‘new normal’ is still being defined. The Future of Work library provides organizations with the right tools to help them become COVID-secure following government guidelines, allowing businesses to build and maintain high performing teams and deliver success in this new way of working.

The Future of Work library includes access to our long standing Mental Health Awareness module – available for instant download – as well as some short, sharp micro-learning consisting of videos and interactive activities which offer practical advice on what to do/what help is available to those struggling.

This fully CPD-accredited content contains a blend of Adapt courses, as well as resources, tips, tricks and videos so that organizations and its teams can become more proficient and effective in working remotely while also preparing for a transition back to office working. 

Deliver engaging and effective learning that is both memorable and transferable to your organization:


Built in Adapt, our leading-edge authoring tool, the content is fully editable. Add your own branding, change the images, edit colors and fonts, reference internal policies, and emphasize your messages to truly make it your own.


We know that for learning to become knowledge it needs to be engaging, that’s we ensure all our courses are relevant and focused with responsive design, the content works wherever and whenever you need it; across mobile, tablet and PC.


Keeping pace with change can be a challenge. This is why we’re constantly reviewing and updating our catalogues, so you don’t have to. And when its range of catalogues grow and new modules are released, you can access them straight away, for free!

Future of Work modules

With 32 modules, ranging from Returning to Work, COVID-19, Remote Working and Mental Health this catalogue content is kept up-to-date as we stay ahead of the legislation, advice, and new best practices as they emerge.

Download our Mental Health module now for free. To view the full list of Future of Work Modules click here and request a demo.   



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