Jo Cook steps down as deputy editor of TJ

Deputy editor of TJ for three years Jo Cook steps down from her role – but will continue to support the TJ team through editorial and online activity.

Today, Jo Cook, who has been TJ’s deputy editor for three years, steps down to focus on her own business, Lightbulb Moment. Her expertise in the field of virtual classrooms and webinar moderation has been a real asset to the title earning her the appropriate epithet of the ‘Webinar Queen’!

In her three-year tenure Jo estimates she’s written over 18,500 words for her popular column Cook Looks and she has co-hosted 30 monthly TJ podcasts and more than 70 interviews, webinar teasers and conference round-ups.

Conference attendance has been part of Jo’s role while at TJ and as Jo says: “Walking around events and talking live is a bit like a Formula 1 grid walk and I’ve certainly developed thinking on my feet.” Feet, or more accurately ankles, have been memorable part of Jo’s TJ experience.

During one of her early visits to TJ’s headquarters she managed to trip over a co-worker’s foot and broke her ankle – an experience that has often been joked about and still remains a source of chagrin for the offending colleague!

“In some ways leaving TJ feels like the end of an era and I’m sad. But it’s for a good reason – it shows that other things are going well.” Jo says, “Continuing my column and co-hosting the podcast with Jon will give me my TJ fix!”

TJ’s editor-in-chief, Debbie Carter says: “While Jo will no longer be a formal member of the TJ team she will remain a vital member of the TJ’s network of supporters and collaborators that make the brand so successful in our industry. Working with Jo has been a delight and Jon and I wish her well for the future.”

Jo will continue to write her column each month and appear regularly on podcasts with editor, Jon Kennard.




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