A new study on the future of work reports technology as a key motivator

New report finds that 68 percent of UK workers believe technology improves work-life balance

Adobe has released a new report into the future of work revealing that 64 per cent people believe better technology would make their workday better and easier.

The report entitled Work in Progress examined how technology and other factors are changing the workplace and how employers can invest in their employees to deliver the right results. The study also showed that 1 in 4 UK workers are currently moonlighting (defined as having two or more jobs)​.

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Jeff Vijungco, vice president of global talent at Adobe explained “Employers may be focusing too much on ping pong tables and free dry cleaning, instead of technology that helps their employees feel motivated, valued and productive. Employers need to pay attention to productivity more than perks, and realise that their employees are happy to work when a company invests in their success.” 

The survey of over 2,000 office professionals in the UK, US and India found that 58 per cent of UK workers predict that having two or more jobs will be the norm in the future and that almost half (46 per cent) of UK workers claim that work now defines who they are.

It also revealed that technology is a key motivator for workers with 72 per cent of those in the UK claiming that access to technology to connect with colleagues more efficiently is the most important factor within their workplace. This is equal to access to food and drink throughout the day.

UK workers ranked access to modern technology more important than lounge and relaxation areas, office design and access to on-site amenities, in terms of their overall workplace satisfaction.

The benefits of embracing technology also appear to go beyond employee morale, with 69 per cent of UK workers feeling more productive at businesses that are up to date with the latest technology. However, it seems UK employers are still catching up with this trend as only 15 per cent of UK workers believe that their company’s technology is “ahead of the curve”.


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