‘What Employers Want’ website aims to bridge skills gap

A new website that aims to solve the UK’s skills shortage by supporting young people in becoming ‘work-ready’ has launched today.

A new learning website that supports young people in becoming ‘work-ready’ with the aim to help solve the UK’s skills shortage has launched today.

The National Voice for Lifelong Learning (NIACE), partnered up with 40 organisations to produce What Employers Want, offering jobseekers aged 16-25, practical advice on how to complete application forms, prepare for job interviews and progress in their careers. The site is also targeted at learning providers who support young people into work.  

David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE said: “Winning your first job is always tough, but this generation of young people have had it harder than most. What Employers Want gives young people – and learning providers – unique insight into how to prepare – whether it’s for a full or part-time job, for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

“Qualifications, a positive attitude, willingness to learn and transferable skills are important to employers but more importantly they want young people to bring fresh ideas and passion into their role.

“They are not expecting young people to be fully-developed and fully-skilled because they recognise that young people need time and opportunities to learn and grow. In fact, most welcome the opportunity to ‘shape’ young people.”

While the overall UK unemployment has fallen to 5.7 per cent of the total working population, the number of young people out of work stands at 14.4 per cent, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

As a result young people are nearly three times more likely to be unemployed, which is the largest gap in more than 20 years.

Hughes added: “This website should encourage learning organisations to work more directly with employers so that they can meet more young people who are ‘job ready’. It’s tough getting your first job, but this resource will help young people prepare themselves for a long, invigorating and successful working life.”


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