ThinkingSafe develops awareness programme to combat cybercrime

A new cybersecuity programme has been launched to help company directors understand the reality of cyber-crime and its business impact.

Recent high profile incidents have increased awareness of cyber-attacks and the potential damage they can have on a business and its customers.

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A recent report commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills highlighted businesses of all sizes suffer from cyber-crime and that 74 per cent of small businesses have experienced a cyber security breach in the last year, costing each business between £75,000 and £310,000.

Julian Dean, ThinkingSafe’s Chief Technical Officer, said: “Companies, no matter their size, have to understand more about cyber-crime and its potential impact.  Our Cyber Awareness in Action programme gives Chief Executives, Directors and key staff an understanding of the very real threat of cyber-attacks and its potential practical and financial impact.”​

ThinkingSafe has developed the Cyber Awareness in Action programme to prevent IT security breaches often caused by human error. The training material, includes: briefings, workshops and one-to-one sessions, using its experience of developing systems and software for cyber protection in the healthcare, commercial, government, defence, security and policing sectors.

The Cyber Awareness in Action programme will be delivered in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading cyber experts from security companies, the police and armed forces as well as leading research groups and universities.

Among the experts working with ThinkingSafe is Toro Risk Solutions, a specialist in corporate security, which brings experience of working and advising high profile corporate clients in planning, developing and implementing developing and maintaining security assurance services.

The Cyber Awareness in Action programme is available with a number of different options depending upon the size and need of the organisation. A standard awareness day for up to five directors and senior managers is £1950 +VAT with additional elements available including wider staff briefings, follow-up consultancy, security reports mitigations and proposed actions.



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