Revalidation tool launched to improve optimal patient care

Training software firm, Enterprise Study, has just launched VITAL; a portfolio management tool aimed at helping nurses and midwives revalidate their credentials in order to comply with and maintain a set of criteria, allowing them to continue to practice and provide optimal care for all patients., specialists in cloud-based learning management systems that cater to any-sized company, has today launched VITAL – a new portfolio management tool focused towards the healthcare sector. VITAL, will help nurses and midwives gather and maintain evidence required to revalidate every three years against the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) new Code of Professional Standards. 

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Shona Fletcher, CEO of Enterprise Study, said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch VITAL to the healthcare sector. We’re aware that it’s not the first revalidation tool on the market, however we think that we can offer a much more user-friendly system for both the Trust and the individuals within the team who will be using it. Our key focus with VITAL is to support the development of healthcare professionals, and we hope that our clients love it as much as we do.”

VITAL, which will be available for individual purchase and use in 2016, has been created following the announcement of the new processes in place from the NMC that requires all registered nurses and midwives to revalidate every three years.

In order to complete revalidation, healthcare professionals will now need to complete 450 hours of practice, 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), 5 pieces of practice-related feedback, 5 reflections & discussions, a health & character declaration and a professional indemnity arrangement.

In order to demonstrate that they have met the criteria of the revalidation, professionals are required to log their practise hours. Vital integrates with e-rostering systems so that any hours completed are automatically fed into the system, eliminating the need for professionals to manually log their practise hours, saving a lot of time on administration.

The portfolio management tool is being aimed at healthcare Trusts to use within their teams, providing all of the reporting that is required for line managers, confirmers, senior managers and for Trust wide. Benefits to the organisation are outlined as follows;

  • Full 3, 6 and 9 month forecast viewing
  • Reports detailing how reflective account conversations tie in with the Code’s 4 key areas (Practise effectively, preserve safety, prioritise people and promote professionalism)
  • Has an inbuilt Appraisal System, promoting regular reflecting practice
  • Minimises organisational impact
  • Provides access to full learning management capabilities, such as Classroom, Video and eLearning content
  • Encourages engagement through interactions
  • Sends alerts and notifications of NMC compliance change



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