One in five Brits employed yet to receive job appraisal

A fifth of Britons in full time employment have yet to receive an appraisal within their job, reveals new research by Enterprise Study. 

The poll carried out by the Training software firm, finds that 38 per cent respondents feel they need constructive criticism on how to be better at the job that they do, while 27 per cent had to wait at least six months before their first appraisal.

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Shona Fletcher, CEO of Enterprise Study, commented: “There’s never an excuse not to sit down with your employees and give them an appraisal – sometimes it’s a great way to boost staff morale, particularly when you’re giving praise where it’s due.

“Similarly, it’s important to tackle difficult conversations regarding performance face on, and although these shouldn’t only occur during an appraisal situation it’s important to ensure they are covered formally.  Knowing where you are going wrong and utilising manager guidance to help you improve is so important and these situations needn’t be negative.

The most common reasons cited for not receiving an appraisal from management include the management team being too busy and working in a small or informal setting.

As part of an ongoing research into the training that employees receive within the work place their employment, 2,168 Britons aged 21 and over, all of whom stated that they had been in full-time employment within the same company for at least one year, were quizzed about the training and qualifications that they have received.

“Appraisals with your employees don’t have to last log, but they do have to be well thought out, with time for preparation for all parties. Employees feel valued when you take the time to sit down with them and ask for their opinions on how they’re getting on, how the team is doing and if there’s any issues that they may have. The time is worth investing and the business will reap the rewards in the long run if appraisals are done properly.”

Initially, all respondents were asked ‘Have you ever had a job appraisal with your current employer?’ to which 81 per cent of respondents stated ‘yes’ and the remaining 19 per cent stated ‘no’. Of those who stated yes, when asked how soon they had received their first job appraisal, 27 per cent stated that they had to wait for at least six months before their first appraisal.  When asked how their appraisal(s) usually came about, 43 per cent stated that they usually had to request an appraisal, with the remaining 57 per cent stating that appraisals were initiated by their management.


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