Nearly a third of UK employees have considered leaving their jobs due to the inefficient systems

Almost a third (32 per cent) of professional workers are feeling frustrated with the time spent completing tasks due to inadequate internal systems, that they have considered changing job or career, according to new research.

The survey conducted by Access Group, a leading author of integrated business management software, found that these inefficiencies are not only costing businesses time and money, but also talented employees, who are exasperated with wasting their time due to inefficient systems.


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The key findings revealed that 30 per cent admit they have had to miss out on a special occasion because administration times at work were taking too long to complete. As a result, 12.4 per cent of respondents said they were unable to attend a family get-together, 9.05 per cent missed a partner’s birthday, while 8.3 per cent missed their child’s birthday.


The report that is based on a survey of more than 2,000 UK workers in the professional services sector reads: “This year the pace of growth is set to slow in comparison with 2014 and some industries are already feeling this; at the start of the year the UK services sector was reported to be seeing its slowest growth for 19 months.


“What is also worrying for businesses is that the survey revealed that due to inefficient systems, more than half of respondents (51.35 per cent) are not confident in the accuracy of data within their company’s internal systems.”


This also has cost to the business. The research has shown that the time wasted with these systems can equate to £28,000 a year on average, more than a full time employee earning the average UK salary, which according to recent statistics from the Office of National Statistics, is £27,200 per annum.


The whitepaper recommends four key efficiencies that technology can provide a business with to enable them to work smarter and more profitably:


Complete visibility – By removing disparate systems and instead consolidating information onto one complete system, organisations can have a full picture of their business and financial data, giving complete control over profit margin.

Greater efficiency – Using effective software reduces the need for manual tasks and re-keying of information. This not only reduces the time employees spend on administration but also eliminates human errors. The result is a team that is more productive and able to focus on its core tasks, meaning the company can grow without having to increase its workforce.

Improved cash flow – Streamlining processes through an efficient software system enables quick and accurate billing of time and other costs, ultimately enabling businesses to protect their profit.

Effective resource scheduling – Having systems in place which can ensure the right resources are deployed on the right project at the right time with absolute confidence, helping businesses to deliver projects on time and to budget


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