Lifting the lid on responsive e-learning

The team behind the Adapt responsive technology will be answering questions on multi-device e-learning at the first ever Adapt Hangout. 

Established in 2013 and developed by a collaborative team, Adapt allows people to create single version content that works across multiple types of devices. Some of the project leaders are coming together to answer questions about the technology in a discussion hosted on Google Hangouts.

The panel will include the Project Lead and Kineo’s Technical Director Sven Laux, the Project Manager and Freelance Instructional Designer Lucy Hodge, CEO of Learning Pool Paul McElvaney and Games Developer Jason Butler from Sponge UK.

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Butler said: “[We’re] using the technology to create responsive learning solutions that can meet the needs of large global businesses and their employees. As well as creating a new customised look and feel for the framework, we’re also working to expand its gamification capabilities and range of interactions.”

The Hangout is a chance to ask questions about the Adapt framework, how it works, the progress of the new authoring tool, the advantages of open source development and the organisational benefits of using Adapt.

Paul McElvaney of Learning Pool said: “We’ve been heavily involved in the Adapt project from the start and our focus has been on creating Adapt Builder. I’m hoping to share how this development has significantly changed our business by reshaping the development workflow and encouraging creativity. I can also explain our continued plans for developing this exciting new product as an open source endeavour.”

Aimed at L&D professionals, instructional designers and elearning developers, the Hangout is the first of its kind to bring together some of the key figures behind the world’s leading open source responsive framework.     

The Adapt Hangout will take place on Tuesday, October 6 from 12:00 to 12:30 (BST) via Sponge UK’s YouTube channel. Submit questions in advance by email to or via Twitter @Sponge_UK and @AdaptLearning.              



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