Autism charity campaigns for a fairer workplace

A national charity that aims to “make the ordinary possible” for children and young people affected with the autism, partnered up with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Department for Work and Pensions, to offer work experience.  


Ambitious about Autism, ran a two-week ‘Insight Programme’ last month to address the fact that 85 per cent of adults with autism were not in full time paid employment.​

Jolanta Lasota, Chief Executive, said: “With the right support, planning and opportunities from employers, many young people with autism have the ability and desire to work. Schemes like this are vital in getting young people with autism into the workplace and we are delighted that HMRC and DWP are ready and willing to take part.”

The two-week programme enabled participants to develop new skills and become familiar in an office-based working environment. It also offered individuals a chance to learn about the different Civil Service employment initiatives, such as Fast Track Apprenticeships and the Summer Diversity Internship Programme.

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Employees at DWP and HMRC received advice and practical workshops on how to support those on the autism spectrum in the workplace.

Since autism affects one in every 100 people, Lasota believed that this was a missed opportunity for business in the UK, as those with the condition made loyal, diligent and hardworking employees. 

The charity’s vision is to build towards a society that recognises children and young people with autism as “valuable human beings, deserving of support and full of potential.”

David Nicholson, youth ambassador at Ambitious about Autism and one of the young people taking part in the scheme added: “Having us involved in this training is great because we can give an insight that no one else can. I am really keen to get started and to help organisations as important as the HMRC and DWP create employment opportunities for other young people with autism.”


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