2020: Rounding up and looking forward

Editor Jon Kennard looks at the most popular pieces TJ has published this year.

What can be said about 2020 that hasn’t already been covered extensively, everywhere? Perhaps me treading old, well-covered ground is the perfect encapsulation of the monotony of home working. Or perhaps, as we cover in December’s podcast, there are plenty of positives to be taken from this year, from the environmental, via the financial, to the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives.

Unsurprisingly, much of our most popular content this year is pandemic-related. It’s changed everything. Nevertheless, I hope that the overriding sentiment of 2021 is one of hope if not positivity, and the ability to look forward rather than just look around.

Beneath – I’ll provide some brief commentary on each piece. Isn’t hindsight fantastic? 


The importance of adaptability skills in the workplace

Adaptability is the ability to learn new skills in response to evolving circumstances. Adrian Moorhouse offers some tips

Ed’s comment: Remarkably evergreen, and published on the very first day of Lockdown 1. These are all leadership skills for the future.


The new normal: How to manage stress and anxiety when working from home

Productivity when working from home is one thing, but stress is another. Gemma Leigh Roberts tells us why we need to set boundaries. 

EC: One month in, Gemma Leigh Roberts gives us some welcome advice. This was definitely peak banana bread times.


Addressing everyday management challenges in a post Covid-19 world

Jen Locklear gives us ideas for post-pandemic business success.

EC: I love this piece because it’s forward thinking. Gratifying that some people were already doing this in June. 


The demise of the ‘Hero Leader’: Six truths about leadership in the digital age

Agata Nowakowska gives us six ways that leadership is changing – or needs to change – in 2020.

EC: A theme developing here, and that’s an overhaul of what good leadership looks like. More great insight from the always reliable Agata Nowakawska.


The professional development trends to watch in 2020

Gaj Ravichandra and Leila Rezaiguia predict the biggest trends in coaching and L&D in the UAE.

EC: Published in January, this piece has endured pretty well and provides some good advice for L&D in the Middle East.


Does technology help or hinder communication in the workplace?

Simon Ashton on why we must learn to communicate effectively through digital platforms.  

EC: I think we all know the answer to that one.


Corporate training trends to look out for in 2020

Mercy Ehrler reveals the seven sizzling strategies on this year’s training horizon.

EC: Another piece from January, and how have these predicted trends fared? Well… kicking off with ‘full-venue events’ is a little unfortunate, but full marks to Mercy for picking out video tech and virtual/hybrid learning.


Six ways the role of HR professionals will adjust post-pandemic

Amid all the changes to work life, it needs to be business as usual for HR professionals, says Sirmara Campbell. 

EC: Very much a focus on the virtual and rightly so. Angling towards HR is part of TJ’s new remit to speak to the wider business and Sirmara’s piece covered this well.


Can diversity and inclusion make your team more innovative?

Gary Cattermole on why organisations should embrace diversity in the workplace – and how to start.

EC: As well as the coronavirus, diversity also took centre stage this year and Gary Cattermole makes the case for D&I as a force for innovative good. 


Equity and impact in online learning

We shouldn’t lose sight of the impact of learning in the ‘new normal’, says Andy Moss.

EC: Not the first piece to use the term ‘new normal’ more than once, Andy Moss tells TJ how to make the most of online.


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