TJwow webinar recording July 2017 – teams

July’s webinar recording about what gets in the way of teams working well.

July 11th 10am UK time



The question for discussion is “What gets in the way of teams working well?”

Teamwork is a topic that touches is important to so many areas of the business and in L&D it’s a significant part of our responsibility.



Outcomes from the session

At the end of the discussion attendees were asked what action they would take, and here are their answers for you to consider for your own take-aways:

Click to see more of the #TJwow discussion webinar action points


Should you attend the next #TJwow webinar?

Always amazed at the talents on show

Well played everyone

Thank you so much everyone

Great webinar. Lovely meeting Abi, Janet and Steven. Have a fab day.

Great webinar. Have a good day, everyone

Great compliment to Jo also – extremely well moderated

GREAT moderation!!!!!

It’s such a hard job and Jo does it brilliantly

Thank you one and all, always amazed at the talents on show

Thank you for a brilliant session!

Thanks so much for a great session

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