Infographic: How much do you know about the levy?

We’ve discussed it a lot, but many businesses are still in the dark about the Apprenticeship Levy. Candace Miller’s infographic gives us a few crucial numbers.

It may feel like we have been talking about the Apprenticeship Levy for a long time, but the results of this survey show that a worrying number of people still don’t know how the changes will affect them.

Large organisations who do not take advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy are missing a significant opportunity to invest in the future of their business – an opportunity some wouldn’t even seem to be aware that they are missing. It would be a real shame to pay the levy, yet not reap any of the benefits.  

Results of the survey revealed the top three barriers that organisations faced, from difficulty in finding suitable candidates to not having the time to develop apprentices. Skills for Health and Justice, together with the National Skills Academy for Health, can help employers address these and other barriers through our trusted and objective apprenticeship support.

A wide range of apprenticeships are available for the health and justice sectors and we want to make sure employers and individuals are able to take full advantage of the great opportunities they provide.

Have a look at the infographic beneath.















































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Candace Miller is executive director, learning services and consultancy at Skills for Health


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