TJwow webinar recording November – customer service

Recording of the TJ discussion webinar from November 2016 about customer service.

November 8th 10am UK time – CUSTOMER SERVICE:

What can L&D learn about customer service to deal with our clients better?


Watch mobile-friendly MP4 here


Discussing this topic was Managing Director at Blue Sky Performance Improvement, Sally Earnshaw, Managing Director at Stairway Consultancy Ltd, Sarah Cook, and Independent L&D and Learning Technologies Consultant, Niall Gavin.

Watch a 5 min Adobe Connect recording with Niall Gavin (@NiallGavinUK), talking about how important the end customer is throughout the entire learning chain.

Focusing on what learning and development can garner and implement from excellent customer service approach is something that is going to become increasingly important.

L&D professionals often bemoan “not having a seat at the table” and the inability to work how they know would best support the business – but why is that?

Could part of it be that in L&D we just don’t service our customers that well?

Watch the recording and discussions of what we can learn about customer service that might improve our own offering within our business and to our clients, internal or external.



Outcomes from the session

At the end of the discussion attendees were asked what action they would take, and here are their answers for you to consider for your own take-aways:

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