Cut-e online game trains people on how to cope with Christmas

Assessment specialist cut-e has created a free, fun, logical-reasoning Christmas challenge that identifies people’s ability to cope with the festive season and train yourself to become less stressed.

Based on logical reasoning tests used traditionally in recruitment and development, it is a short online game that benchmarks high scores against organisations in various countries. 

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Achim Preuss, Managing Director of cut-e, said: “Christmas can be a stressful time but making logical decisions can help you to prepare for it better and enjoy it more. Logical reasoning is widely used by HR professionals to assess candidates for recruitment and development. Our test designers have had fun by applying this premise to Christmas. They’ve created an engaging game which features a series of Sudoku-style logic puzzles. 

“You can play this game as many times as you like and train yourself to solve problems, think analytically and act methodically. This pre-Christmas brain workout won’t make it easier for you to get along with your great aunt Edna but otherwise it can help you to enjoy a more relaxed and unflustered festive season.”
The three-minute online test presents a series of rows and columns containing different Christmas objects. Each object can only appear once in each row and column, so the challenge is to identify which object is missing in a specific cell. You’re offered a choice of possible objects and you have to decide logically which one should go in the cell. If you’re right, the test moves on and presents you with a new grid and a new ‘missing cell’. The objective is to work through the grids quickly and identify as many missing objects as you can. 
An introduction provides instructions and examples. At the end, the test calculates your score and gives you feedback on the implications and how you compare against others. You can save your score in the ‘high scores’ list for others to see. 



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