TJ Newsflash: 16 February

This week’s selection of news and views compiled by TJ’s editor

A varied mix of stories today. We include a look at gender diversity initiatives in the post-pandemic world from BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Gallup on the importance of timely feedback in maintaining high performance and EY Insights asks some important questions about the Metaverse and how it will impact us all. 

Reinventing Gender Diversity Programs for a Post-Pandemic World – BCG

How Fast Feedback Fuels Performance – Gallup 

Covid: How new drugs are finally taming the virus – BBC News 

Metaverse: 5 questions shaping the next frontier of human experience – EY Insights

Psychedelics, Deepak Chopra, BlackRock And Tony Robbins: One Of The Hottest Mental Health Stocks Right Now? – Forbes 



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