Giving young people the opportunities they need to succeed

The CIPD launched it’s One Million Chances campaign to ensure young people are getting the opportunities they need to succeed.

Young people are most at risk of unemployment and face an uncertain future because of the pandemic – so the campaign calls on employers to create a million opportunities for them, through the creation of jobs, internships, work experience, mentoring schemes, apprenticeships, T-Levels or participation in the Kickstart scheme.

The CIPD provides a range of rewarding opportunities for young people, including Steps Ahead Mentoring. This national volunteering programme supports young people aged 18-24, to be in a better position to find work through one-to-one mentoring from CIPD members.

Mentors provide free advice and support on CVs, application forms, finding a job, interview technique and more.

Ellie Mayner, a Steps Ahead mentee, explains how she was introduced to the programme: “I applied for Universal Credit as I’d been looking for jobs for so long and needed help. I’d not heard of Steps Ahead, but my coach told me it’s a really good way to get the help I needed with my job search.”

With a passion for photography, Ellie created Instagram and Facebook profiles for her photography, and begun to build a small number of clients, until Covid restrictions meant the opportunity to take photographs stopped.

“I told my mentor Samantha, that I wanted to work on my CV and that was our first chat. We talked about my skills and what I learnt at uni so I could include that in my CV. My CV has changed many times in the process. I’m now happy to share it and I’ve put it on my LinkedIn profile with a link to my photography website.”

Having the support and advice of her mentor, Samantha, has had a positive effect for Ellie and after eight months of searching and over 150 job applications, Ellie has been employed as a marketing and social media manager.

People professionals have an important role to play and can help make a difference to young people’s career prospects, offering the support and guidance necessary for them to get their foot in the door.  


Read more about the CIPD’s One Million Chances campaign.


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