3 steps to building a brand

Thinking of setting up your own business? Grant Polachek reveals how to launch a successful brand in 2022

Covid not only created a new problem that had never been seen before, but it also turned minor problems into major ones affecting everything from health to politics, travel, business, sales, marketing, and, of course, branding.

When it comes to branding your business, every entrepreneur must strive to understand how to create a strong brand that’ll win their customer’s hearts.

And if you’re an entrepreneur who’s fired up about starting a business and accomplishing your dreams, then here are three critical steps to building a great brand in 2022.

1. Know your target audience

If you don’t have a stable customer base, you won’t be able to develop a strong brand identity. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that branding is only about marketing. But, no matter how hard you try to advertise your business, it’s your consumers that will propel it to success.

Involving your audience in the development/improvement of your product and the formulation and implementation of your brand’s values is one way to brand your business, so people want to engage with it.

But all of this is only possible if you have a thorough understanding of your target customer’s needs, how they react to your products and services, and how they perceive your competitor’s brands and products.

2. Create a strong brand identity

Your brand’s identity includes how it speaks, what it stands for, how you display your product, and how you want people to feel when they connect with it.

Your brand’s identity is more than simply the personality of your business; it’s also a promise to your target customers. And that’s why if you want your brand to stay competitive, make sure its identity is examined and revised regularly to ensure that it continues to deliver on your company’s core promises to customers.

To measure your company’s performance, use Google Analytics, customer surveys, reviews, and social media discussions. This will help you understand who your consumers are by showing you how they talk about and engage with your business.

3. Get a great brand name  

A great name will set your brand apart by effectively communicating your business’s identity, purpose, vision, and goals. Coca-Cola, Beyond Meat, Apple, Tesla, and Gucci are just a few examples of big household brands with great names.

So now that you’ve gathered crucial information about your target audience and built a strong brand identity, it’s time to let your inner creativity loose and look for new and compelling words that satisfy your company’s naming requirements.

Although countless new and experienced entrepreneurs often struggle with finding a memorable brand name, one way you can make the process easier is by gathering a team to help you find a great brand name. 

So, assemble your team. They could be members of your family, friends, or colleagues. Give them access to any information that’ll help them brainstorm a range of compelling words that accurately represent your business. 

Allow your team to use dictionaries, thesauruses, and other resources while searching for engaging words for your business. Your primary objective here is to create a list of names aligned to your company’s goals and appealing to your potential customers.

But if you don’t have a team and coming up with short, unique, and appealing names sounds difficult and time-consuming, then consider using a strong business name generator.


Remember, consistency is key. According to Tom Goodwin1, “Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.” 

So, ensure you remain consistent with your brand’s image, message, and personality. This way, you’ll easily create a pattern that customers will easily associate with your company.

1. Goodwin T, 2018. Digital Darwinism: Survival of the Fittest in the Age of Business Disruption. Kogan Page Ltd GB & USA

Grant Polachek is director of marketing and operation at squadhelp 



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