Elearning in the workplace: Four common misconceptions debunked pt2

Considering an elearning platform but not sure it’s an effective learning method? Amber Bovenmyer concludes her piece about misconceptions.


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Misconception #3: I won’t be able to assess my learners’ progress accurately

Teaching your team members new skills that they can apply to your work is the primary purpose of getting a learning system for your organisation. However, before they can implement what they have learned, it is important that your organisation evaluates their progress and gets a clear understanding of each team member’s capabilities.

In fields with understandably stricter certification requirements, such as healthcare, accurate evaluation of learners’ progress is essential.

Your system is able to recognise where an individual team member is excelling within the course they’re taking and where they need more practice. Personalised assessments that focus on the skills they still need to develop are one way in which your system can track your team members’ progress and promote further learning.

When your organisation promotes a culture of learning, creativity, and new ideas, the potential for growth for your organisation will expand. 

On your organisation’s side, your elearning system makes it easy to create, modify, and organise assessment questions in addition to reusing questions you have found particularly effective. In addition to creating questions, you’ll be able to:

  • Categorise your questions. Tag them by the skill they’re testing for so that you know where your team members are doing well and where they need more practice.
  • Proctor exams. Your system is capable of facilitating even the highest levels of assessment you’re using, meaning your organisation can create a course, train your team members, and assess their learning all in one system.
  • Provide assistance when learners miss questions. eLearning systems promote genuine understanding of the material your team members need to know. When they answer questions incorrectly during the learning process, they’ll get help from detailed correction information that helps them understand concepts better.

The right system is important to your organisation’s success because it motivates your team members to be high-performing and learn new skills. As they develop their abilities and make new contributions to your organisation’s progress, it’s likely your operations will grow. 

Misconception #4: An elearning system won’t be able to grow with my organisation

When your organisation promotes a culture of learning, creativity, and new ideas, the potential for growth for your organisation will expand. You’ll need more courses to train more team members in new ideas and practices. Your eLearning system isn’t static: with the ability to customize and expand it, your team members can keep learning even as your organistion grows.

Need some help producing a new course to address recent developments in your organisation? While you’ll be able to specify all the information you need in the course as well as the modes of presentation that have worked best for your organisation, you won’t have to create the course all on your own!


Your system’s support team is a great resource, and they’re available to you whenever you need to develop and implement a new course.

Your courses are effective, informative, and well-designed. They’ve helped your team members learn, so why not let them help others? If you developed an innovative feature to use in one of your courses and want to share it with other learners beyond your team, you can add your feature to your elearning platform so that other users can take advantage of it.

Once you’ve made learning new skills an integral component of your organisation’s operations, your busy team members want to be able to learn wherever they are and on whatever platform is most comfortable and effective for them.

Look for an elearning system that they can access on their phones and tablets in addition to their computers. Want to learn more about features to watch for? re:Charity’s list of the best learning management system software can provide you with some guidance.

Elearning systems are more flexible and have more features than many people assume before they’ve implemented one at their organisation. When you incorporate an elearning system into your employee or team training, they’ll enjoy developing the new skills that will help guarantee your organisation’s future.

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