Top five major online marketing tools used in L&D

Here are some freely available tools to improve your marketing in L&D, courtesy of Maria Thomas.

A learning and development strategy is always necessary to build up a workforce’s capabilities. Proper skills are necessary to create a booming organisation that not only supports learning and development but also maintains some advanced business strategies.

Of late, online marketing tools are required not just to build but boost the company’s learning and development section. Also, online marketing tools play an integral part to promote a company’s brand image. According to industry specialists, a company’s website is always the major online marketing channel of choice for L&D professionals.

In the L&D sector, SEO and online marketing are the two fastest growing priorities for B2B marketers. Now let’s see which top five online marketing tools are used in L&D:

Review the most up-to-date improvements in your company – Google Alerts

We still don’t have an alternative for Google Alerts to review mentions of a company’s brand, sector or competitor names, just by entering a handful of keywords. Google Alerts is considered as Google’s hidden gem. It is widely used for online marketing research. 

Of late, online marketing tools are required not just to build but boost the company’s learning and development section.

It helps you to keep track of trending topics, keywords or anything completely new that appears on the web. Also, you can find out what is being said about your company or products in different social media. So here’s why you should use Google Alerts:-

  • Easily monitor when a news story develops
  • Always stay up to date on a competitor or industry
  • Get to know the latest news on every topic you want
  • Monitor the web for interesting content that will, in turn, help you in the online marketing sector

So, simply plug-in your company’s name and maybe even an ad campaign into Google Alerts to stay proactive. This is also a great resource to find new recommendations, positive reviews and influencers to mention in promotional tweets/posts and online social streams.

Manage social media updates effortlessly – Buffer, Hubspot

There are tons of apps like Buffer, Hubspot, etc. available out there if you want to post updates related to your company’s learning and development segment on social networks. Also, you can review what exactly is currently trending in social media.

It helps you to quickly post to all the social networks at the same time including Google+. Also, you can review all your conversations and different messages at one go. You can also choose the paid version as it is better for tracking campaigns and review reports.

Search influencers easily – LinkedIn, Twitter

Definitely, LinkedIn and Twitter are the best choices to search for the exact influencers that you’re looking for. Influencers can help you boost your L&D related posts by commenting and sharing them on different social media channels.

LinkedIn search skills are mainly customised to be the most effective place for locating business influencers. LinkedIn also has the advanced search system that allows you to filter and search for L&D influencers.

Make sure to understand the search pattern of customers – Google Keywords

Well, we know that search still helps you to get your desired traffic and leads. Remember, powerful content and messages always help to meet consumer needs.

The Google Keyword Planner is an essential tool. We can’t always use analytics to find the exact keywords that we are looking for. The Google Keyword Planner is required for this. If you don’t want to invest in Google Adwords, then this is the best option for you.

Understand online marketing efficacy – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is very important for people working in online marketing to master at some level. Here is a list of all the things that Google Analytics will provide you:

  • From exactly where will you get visitors – it’s important if you’re aiming to target a specific range of audience.
  • How the visitors will stumble upon your website – this is the most important part as you need to determine how your efforts will pay off. It will show how your visitors will find your site directly, whether it is through another website or from different search engines.
  • See which web browsers are used by your visitors – if you know which web browsers your visitors use than it automatically allows you to know which browsers you should actually be focusing on.
  • Make sure you take a note of keywords that are frequently used by visitors in different search engines that redirected them to your company website.

So now you know which are the top five most important online marketing tools that are required for your company’s L&D sector. Implementing them will not only boost your company’s growth but also led to good ROI.


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