Time for learning professionals to take centre stage

Martin Belton of Xtols invokes Winston Churchill to suggest that focusing on the delegate is more unusual than you imagine.

The theme for this year’s eLN CONNECT conference is a bit different. That’s because it’s about you, the delegate. Helping you to be a better learning professional and furthering your career. 

It’s not hard to find someone at a learning technology event claiming to be ‘learner focused’. Visit any conference or award meeting and you will hear suppliers and delegates alike affirming their commitment to the sainted learner. Excited chatter about social, curated and self-directed learning will fill the halls.

But rarely, at these events, does the spotlight seem to fall on the actual organisational learning professional. Contrast this with discussions in education journals and events. A quick look in the Times Educational Supplement reveals acres of articles on the lot of teachers, lecturers and other educationalists.

They cover, in depth, what they should do, how they’re treated, how valuable they are, their pay and more. That’s not to say this is wrong. It’s just that similar discussions are thin on the ground when it comes to organisational learning.

Today’s learning technology tools can get amazing results. But they’ve got to be explained and delivered to learning professionals so they can make a difference.

The focus for this year’s eLN CONNECT conference and exhibition is quite definitely on the learning professional. The belief that learning professionals can play a much greater part in an organisation’s success, and be rewarded accordingly, is central.

As indeed is Winston Churchill’s line, “Give us the tools and we will finish the job”. Today’s learning technology tools can get amazing results. But they’ve got to be explained and delivered to learning professionals so they can make a difference. They’re the ones using them in anger, and who can make a difference to learning programmes.

That’s why the eLN CONNECT organisers have this year provided a stream especially dedicated to looking at the technologies behind some of our latest and most revolutionary tools. It’s also why there is a further stream of presentations in case study format, from heads of learning across the UK. Meanwhile a third stream will offer debate on the latest theories and learning challenges facing us today.

Keynotes are from cognitive psychologist Dr Rebecca Gordon, a senior teaching fellow at King’s College London and an expert in memory and learning. Dr Gordon reveals how an understanding of how the mind absorbs and processes information can help you become a better trainer and learning professional.

Next, Nick Shackleton-Jones, Director, Learning and Performance Innovation, PA Consulting, author and winner of the LPI’s 2017 Award for Services to the Learning Industry will be sharing fresh thinking and practical insights into the future of L&D as an experience and performance organisation.


Find our more about this year eLN CONNECT here

Explained eLN Chair Phil Reddall, “We’ve chosen to focus this year’s keynotes and streams on helping all delegates take advantage of the latest thinking and technologies. That’s means more than just knowing more about their capabilities.

“It’s also critical to understand how to apply them. This is consistent with the eLN’s aims and objectives. We’ve always been about improving opportunities and talents of our members. Our mentoring scheme, available to all full members, is prime evidence of that.

“But by bringing the benefits of eLN membership together with the conference we can really provide first class opportunities to enrich delegates skills throughout the year.“

The full programme and sign-up for the conference can be found on the eLN’s website: http://www.elearningnetwork.org/eln-connect-2017/ By signing up to be an eLN Member, delegates can enjoy the conference which includes lunch and access to the after show party as well as the full annual benefits of being a member for only £95+VAT.


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