TJwow webinar recording October – engagement

Recording of the TJ discussion webinar from October 2016 about engagement.

October 11th 10am UK time – ENGAGEMENT:

In any learning solution how do you manage the tension between ensuring engagement for the learner, the L&D practitioner and the organisation’s needs?


Watch mobile-friendly MP4 here

Janet Webb, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant, who works through her own company, was part of the panel to discuss this question.

Also on the discussion panel was Andy Holmes, Head of Engagement at HR in Flow, sharing his thoughts on how to approach this.

Sukh Pabial, Head of Organisational Development for One Housing Group, rounded out the panel on this topic.

There is often a struggle between ensuring that all the learners in a session are engaged with the learning to take that back into the work place, in balancing the needs of the trainer, and also the requirements of the organisation.

You may have found in the past that you have ‘taken orders’ for training and know it’s not really the best experience for the learner, or even in the best interests of sustained change for the organisation.

How have you dealt with that? How have you made sure that the organisation benefits from the best learning for their people?

Maybe you haven’t managed that and you want to share some stories and get some ideas, that’s what our discussion webinars are all about!

Watch a 9 min Adobe Connect recording with Janet Webb (@JWebbConsulting), talking about how freelance trainers can approach the needs of the organisation and the learner

Watch a 4 min Adobe Connect recording with Andy Holmes (@AndyHolmes1), talking about how organisations balance the needs


Outcomes from the session

At the end of the discussion attendees were asked what action they would take, and here are their answers for you to consider for your own take-aways:

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