Sales code of conduct launch in response to mis-selling scandals

Following too many mis-selling scandals the Association of Professional Sales, a not-for-profit industry body, is campaigning to revolutionise the sales industry

The Association of Professional Sales (APS) is launching a code of conduct with clear guidelines which set out standards of integrity and professionalism which will be unveiled today at the Association’s annual conference in London.

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The APS is developing a system of professional accreditation, a register of members, and powers of sanction. Members will be expelled if they fall short of the code of conduct.

Forward-thinking companies, such as Vodafone, Worldpay, Wipro and SAP are backing the APS, which is working towards chartered status.  

The Association is also taking on other big business issues like diversity and inclusion with recent research showing that having more women and a varied age and ethnic profile improves your sales performance.

Andy Hough, the chief executive officer and director of the APS, says: “In an aggressive, global marketplace, good selling has never been more important. If the UK is going to keep pace, we need professional business people who promote and abide by good sales practice.

“Corporate companies can spend big money pitching for sales. Deals are complex and competitive. It’s a high-octane, dragon’s den, but it’s the kind of selling on which economies are built.

“The APS understands these challenges. As the responsible voice of the sales profession the Association provides, standards, leadership and development.”

The code of conduct is likely to be welcome to consumers and businesses alike. The opportunity to update performance and implement learning solutions to ensure that all staff are competent is likely to be a rewarding challenge.

APS sales code of conduct

The code says all members of the APS are committed to working in an honest, ethical and responsible manner:

1. Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships.
2. Provide our customers with a buying experience in which we “do the right thing and thereby get the right results”.
3. Promote and protect good sales practices.
4. Always act in line with my organisation’s codes and within the law.

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