Fosway Group launches new report advising firms on talent management software

Independent analyst Fosway Group has unveiled new research for organisations seeking to make the best decision about which learning and talent system to invest in.

The Fosway 9-Grid report provides detailed insight on the trends, challenges and solutions facing the talent management sector. The multi-dimensional model allows organisations to compare different solutions based on their performance, potential, presence, and total cost of ownership and future trajectories.
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David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, said: “Our research shows that organisations continue to move away from on-premise or hosted HR systems to realise the benefits offered by the Cloud, including lower IT costs, faster innovation and better user experiences. They are also seeking to simplify a complex HR system landscape scattered with multiple core HR systems and specialist functional applications.
“We have also updated the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Integrated Talent Management. The war for talent continues to rage, and pressure is on for organisations to streamline and innovate processes at every stage of the lifecycle – from talent acquisition and recruitment – through to performance management. These are business critical challenges, so it’s important we continue to provide insight and analysis that supports the buying process in this market.”
The Integrated Talent Management report states that “user experience is a crucial decision factor around talent solutions, but too few providers are able to deliver.” Implementing a ‘mobile first’ approach would encourage continuous performance management and feedback. It also outlines how organisations are moving from the standard appraisal processes to a more “agile continuous performance development.” 
Many employers are shunning formal annual appraisals in favour of regular dialogue with employees. Managers are becoming more creative with their performance management offering to support the ongoing tracking, recording and monitoring of feedback. However, there are still major gaps in how technology is enhancing these conversations.  
Despite employee engagement increasing the chances of business success, contributing to organisational and individual performance, productivity and wellbeing, managers are neglecting to focus on this workplace approach.
Organisations who are struggling with skills shortages need to place greater emphasis on employee engagement, which is currently being “poorly served by existing talent systems.” Differentiating the candidate experience will help recruiters to attract and retain talent. 



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