Skillsoft: Wowing smart people and engaging with their brains

Organisations around the world were brought together at the Skillsoft EMEA Perspectives conference yesterday (June 25), to gather and discuss how to link learning to business value and hear Skillsoft product direction and strategy.

Organisations around the world were brought together at the Skillsoft’s 2015 EMEA Perspectives conference yesterday (June 25), to gather and discuss how to link learning to business value and get Skillsoft product direction and strategy.

Held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, the event featured a series of presentations from the leading experts at Skillsoft. Dr Karen Moloney, a prominent Chartered Psychologist, gave an insightful keynote speech about the power of technology and how it could help clever people embrace Learning & Development. 

She said that while many creative curators were hesitant to participate, they were essential to businesses because of their ideas and fresh perspective.

“We love and need them for this reason, if you can engage he really smart people who are a little bit reluctant to come aboard the senor people the ones who sit at the back and hear this al before then three brilliant things will happen.”

“They are awesome learners and when they pick something up and the light bulb goes off, you can see it in their eyes, they take it accelerate with it and run with it. You are really building something amazing with it and can engage with the brains of these people.”

Since smart people were influential, they would spread the word and persuade others to jump on board, which would benefit businesses.

She added: “They are also great critics. These are the people who can shape it to be really good so believe me they are worth the effort.” 

However, she was quick to point out clever people had the potential to spoil the party and have a negative view especially if they did not understand. 

“They will say ‘tell me something I don’t know impress me.’ Their brains are working at a faster speed, so they want to be amazed, they deserve it, so raise your game as smart people will not forgive you if you bore them as they are already two steps ahead, so tailor to their needs,” she added.

So how can businesses wow these people?

“You touch their sweet spot,” added Dr Moloney. “Once you have the connection and worked out what the key formula is for that keypad on their back, then you have code to get to the unique individuals to get in there and they will love you for life. Secondly make it as easy and give them little trouble as possible.”


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