More than half of companies are failing to embrace internal social networking tools

More than half of organisations are not taking advantage of the power of social networks within the workplace, leading real-time collective intelligence tool Crowdoscope has shown.

The study, conducted in partnership with The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Employee Engagement Alliance (EEA) during a recent conference attended by over 80 participants including GSK, Barclaycard and Merck, warns that organisations should ignore internal social networking at their peril.
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Michael Silverman, Founder of Crowdoscope and Silverman Research said: “Organisations need to quickly realise that they must integrate social networking tools into their organisations – or they will end up competing against companies that do. Tools like Yammer and Slack have ignited within many forward thinking companies, yet some now risk being left behind.
Lesley Crook, founder of Working Out Loud in a Network, who produced the event on behalf of IABC/EEA said: ‘HR should take more than a passing interest in Enterprise Social Networking (ESN).
Part of their role is to attract and retain the right talent, who will expect digital ways of working in a forward thinking company. This is the way talent operates: on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social platforms we’ve not even heard of yet – with minimal email behaviour.”
Crowdoscope’s pioneering technology creates a new way of interacting online. It is a self-organising, visual environment based on the principles of social media that can harness the collective intelligence of large groups of people.
Developed by innovative research agency Silverman Research, Crowdoscope launched at the beginning of 2016. Based near Silicon Roundabout in London’s Tech City, Silverman Research already works with some of the world’s biggest organisations including Unilever, Penguin Random House, Standard Life, EDF Energy, British Gas and
Michael Silverman said: “We want people to understand the diversity of opinion that exists around Enterprise Social Networks and Crowdoscope can help by bubbling up the most important comments and themes from multiple perspectives.
“Traditional polls and discussion forums are becoming outdated in our increasingly connected world and unstructured feedback is growing in prevalence. The solution is to represent discussions as interactive visualisations so that participants are provided with a more engaging and transparent experience. We believe that Crowdoscope is an important tool for anyone who wants to gain insight from group conversations and harness collective intelligence.”

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