TJwow recording – pros and cons of assessment tools

In the last #TJwow of the launch week, personality and team assessment tools were discussed

In the last of the TJ launch week webinars, the discussion was focused on the pros and cons of assessment tools.

Subject speakers on the free webinar were Jo Keeler and Lucy Standing.

The topics of conversation were wide ranging with many great questions from the attendees. Keeler commented at the beginning of the session that everybody is talking strengths. Ask the question ‘what are you trying to measure and achieve and is it relevant to the business environment’.

Standing said that any form of assessment that can indicate how people are working is beneficial. The conversation in the chat window quickly talked about learning culture, openness about development being opportunities and the many different assessment tools and their uses, challenges and validity.

Deputy Editor and #TJwow webinar discussion host Jo Cook said of the launch week, “well WOW was the right hashtag to use. Brilliant, brilliant speakers every day, a very engaged audience that took advantage of the open chat window, the question pod and coming on the microphone to contribute and discuss.”

Cook added, “Thanks also to our sponsors, GivebackUK, who are launching their video learning series in June. We’ve had such wonderful feedback on the format of the webinar discussions and we hope to go from strength to strength with the rest of the on-going series.”

CEO and founder of GivebackUK, Martin Baker, said, “This has been a fantastic start to our relationship with Training Journal and highlights exactly what we want to achieve – great quality video learning and conversations to help with professional development.”


The depth and breadth of the conversation is available on the free discussion recording about using assessment tools.

We will have all the recordings on our webinars page.

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