TJ week of webinars – Sunder Ramachandran talks business alignment

Is the L&D industry aligned with businesses… really? Jo Cook records a short video with Sunder Ramchandran ahead of the TJ webinar on Monday 23rd at 10am UK Time

In the first of our week of webinars we invite you to join us to discuss the state of the L&D in 2016.

We have an hour together Monday 23rd May, starting 10am UK time, to have a meaningful conversation on the subject.

Hot topics

I spoke to Sunder Ramachandran, Head of Training at Pfizer in Mumbai, India, about some of the trends in L&D. Sunder picked up on the challenges around business alignment and whether L&D is utilising technology, or behind it.

Click here to watch the three minute Adobe Connect recording with Sunder
(You will need to download the Connect viewer)

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