Saving the world from boring elearning

Accredited Skills has rebranded as Learning Heroes to save the world from boring elearning.

The company launched in 2014 to create accredited elearning courses across various disciplines, such as management and leadership and customer service.

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Adam Kara, managing director, said: “It turned out that to make accredited courses you had to use a monotone voice, click through slides and drag and drop content. You basically had to just tick boxes for accreditation bodies. If it was mundane for us, we thought what must this be like for the people doing the courses?”

The company reviewed their strategy to offer fun and engaging modules with over 1,000 blended learning resources for free to meet growing demand.

Kara added: “Training Managers are looking for short, sharp, engaging e-learning. They want to hold the learner’s attention and they want to stick to relevant content. In essence, they have to actually learn something.”


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