Training and development investment will increase by a fifth over the next 12 months

Nearly two-fifths of financial employees are planning to spend more on staff development next year, according to recruitment consultancy Robert Half. 


The report, which surveyed 100 executives, revealed that investment in training and development will increase by a fifth in the next 12 months. 
Employees favoured external courses (49 per cent) and mentoring (48 per cent) over on-the-job (39 per cent) training and post-graduation education (34 per cent). 
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However, only 8 per cent thought reverse mentoring – an initiative in which older executives are paired with and given feedback by younger employees – would be beneficial. 
Luke Davis, Vice-president, Robert Half Financial Services said: “The planned increases highlight the importance of attracting and retaining the best people, particularly in light of the current skills shortage. The success of any business depends on its people. As employers continue to seek ways to improve their staff’s motivation, engagement and productivity, they should not overlook reviewing their training and development plans. 
“Professionals today are eager to find ways to advance their career and professional development. The most successful training and development programmes are those that are tailored to the individual and their personal career path within the business.” 


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