HR is critical to business success, says Kellogg’s Global Leadership Development Director

HR is critical to business success, but it’s up to us to make our value known, says a Global Leadership Development Director for Kellogg.

Gordon Kermode who spoke at a myHRcareers networking party in Manchester’s Northern Quarter earlier this month, shared advice from his own professional experiences. He urged HR professionals to see every experience as a learning opportunity.
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He said: “It’s easy to write off the hard, or unattractive jobs you’re given’ explained Kermode, but most of these are ‘critical learning experiences in disguise’ that will shape your success later on. ‘Those experiences are what’s made me the leader I am today.”
Kermode said HR professionals must take more responsibility for evaluation and demonstrating ROI and not just leave it to the business to join the dots. 
“You must ask yourself what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to measure the impact of it before you start anything. If it’s not adding value, stop doing it”, he explained. 
To get the coveted seat at the table, “HR professionals must understand the business, and speak the same language as the business leader.’
He added that HR had to become more confident in challenging, coaching, and driving the business forward.
“If I can’t speak the same language as the CEO and show the value of what I’m doing, shame on me.”


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